The Up & Coming…

Hello WordPress!

So basically I’m going to do a quick update on life as I live it (lol)

I am STILL waiting on a response from grad school. My gut feeling is that I didn’t get in because I stumbled so horribly on the interview. Nonetheless, pray that I get in! I can’t imagine another year of my life not being in school! I’ve been out for 2 years already and want nothing more than to go back and get my masters. I am tired of working entry level jobs for entry level pay. Definition of Millennial: Has $40,000 debt in student loans and can’t find a job making more than $12 an hour. At almost 23 years old my life advice would be to forget college and pursue becoming an inventor. If your passion dictates becoming a doctor, lawyer, or white collar worker than invest in college and have a very specific plan with at least 2 back up plans. My dream was to become a Licensed Psychologist working in the Industrial Organizational Field, then reality set in. It costs over $100,000 to obtain a Ph.D, and I am VERY bad at standardized testing (GRE). Also, Ph.D students don’t tend to have full time jobs in my desired field… which clearly makes it impossible to live financially… unless your rich or take out a gazillion dollars in loans. Next, that job would require so much traveling that I wouldn’t realistically be able to be a responsible dog owner (which I am) or commit long term to any one location. Last, the job is mostly consulting which means that I will forever be working for a company instead of being my own boss.. or at least being in charge of my own work schedule. Henceforth…. I will have to pick a new dream job.

So while my school status is still pending…

I begin a new job on Monday!!! I am soooo looking forward to working for a fun company. Also, only 11 days until I move into my new apartment! Woo Hoo!

So in the meantime, I will be working and packing and moving. Til next time.


XOXO Klair




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