A Case of the Mondays


Everyone has a case of the Mondays right? Well except if you don’t work on Mondays, then your a lucky duck.

So whats the worst thing that can happen on a Monday? How about a car accident during rush hour on 441. Let me backtrack and tell you about it…

BOOM! That’s pretty much what happened. It happened right outside of our neighborhood. Now lets just be clear, I was not the one driving. I was actually in the passenger seat and my sister was in the backseat. Now I won’t disclose the type of vehicles involved, or the drivers but I will say it was the beginning of a VERY long afternoon.

So the good news is that no one got hurt in the accident (thank goodness!); the bad news is that it look the police 2 hours to get to the scene!!! Again… 2 HOURS!!! We were literally standing outside in the Florida heat, on the side of 441, on a sidewalk filled with ants for 2 hours. Now I understand that this is what happens when people get into accidents. This is also a first world problem. And complaining about Florida heat is useless because 1. its Florida duh! 2. I should be thankful we were not in snow. Aside from complaining, I am very grateful for the citizen patrol who pulled over to help us until the police arrived.

Other good news, the nice officer that arrived was in a very cheerful mood. So thank you Mr. Officer from Germany/ New Jersey for being spectacular. It took the officer about 30 minutes to do everything before we could leave. Overall, our vehicle had sustained the most damage, compared to the other vehicle. But here are a few things I learned that day:

  1. Do not make yourself so neurotic that you become a danger to yourself and others
  2. If you do not want to go through your car insurance, then call them before you call the police
  3. If no one is hurt, it might be a good time to make a joke about calling 411-Pain
  4. Do not forget your cell phone or wallet at home
  5. Always make sure you have a current copy of your car insurance and any towing services
  6. If your a hungry person like myself, always walk with a snack and water bottles in your car
  7. Leave a hat in your car just in case you end up in the sun for more than 30 minutes
  8. Both parties can leave the scene if they both switched/ shared their car info
  9. Witnesses and passengers of accidents are not advised to leave the scene, but can if all of your info is given to the other party
  10.  Monday March 27 was like Friday the 13th in disguise

All in all, it sounds like the perfect Monday right? LoL

XOXO Klair


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