Sunday Closing


As Sunday is drawing nearer to close I feel eager to recap todays events. For starters, I finally got a decent nights sleep while on Adz! I took my meds earlier than normal this morning with hopes that I will feel sleepy around normal sleeping hours. Adz is actually a pleasure to take. Although the packing is a pain to open, it fizzles on your tongue and taste like orange.

So anyway, for majority of the day I kept mixing up the dates for mothers day and my boyfriends mom’s birthday (Barbie); Barbie’s birthday is at the end of April. I wrote a lovely card for her and we made a scrapbook photo album. I love gifts the best when I can be creative, rather than just buying something.

I also took a 10-Key Stroke test today. I have to say, the test was like a fun game. My high score after 1.5 hours of practice was a 9000. For anyone who doesn’t know what a 10-key stroke test is… its the numbers to the right side of keyboards. Basically, its putting in equations quickly and accurately for 1 minute.

After the test, me and Mike (boyfriend) went to see my moms new puppy: Chloe. Like all puppers, she is a cutie. Chloe is a mini goldendoodle, which happens to be the same breed of one of my own puppers. Palm Beach Puppies seems to be the town favorite for puppy seekers. I didn’t know about the store until I had gotten my first puppy morkie from there back in 2013. They seem to be a decent pet store, as well as a pricey one. Then again, all puppies are expensive to buy in south Florida. I have to say that while adoption is always a better way to go; new puppy owners don’t realize that puppies tend to always be “sick” as soon as you get them. Most puppies do not come out of the store with a squeeky clean bill of health. Almost always, puppies will have kennel cough, ear mites, worms, ect. This is why the first veterinary visit for a newly bought puppy is usually covered by your puppy supplier. Chloe is been at the store for a week now and cannot be released to come home until she is clear of worms. My morkie (Cinnamon) had ear mites, and my mini goldendoodle (Ruby) had some parasite in her poop. This is just the reality of new born puppies interacting with each other. Luckily, Chloe should be able to go home tomorrow and meet the rest of her doggy family.

The last thing I did today was prank my roomie (Jon). Jon happens to be Mike’s twin brother, but no worries, they don’t look anything alike. I finally bought googly eyes and put them all over his stuff. Now we wait until he notices them! LOL. Yes, this prank is not original. However, how many people really expect their roomates to put googly eyes on stuff? None. Why? Because its dumb and time consuming and it will be funny for 10 seconds. But I believe its 10 seconds well worth it for 99 cents. Jon feels like a brother to me even though I’ve only known him a year. I always tell him that he doesn’t spend enough time with us (even though we live together). Some good old giggles are just what we need!

XOXO Klair


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